Our Poem

In loving memory of the founder’s Denise & Micheal

Our beautiful Nana wrote this poem: a dedicated Teacher & very hardworking lady, the Queen of our family, with wisdom & love to share to all. Our perfect king Papa: a quiet, kind hearted soul, who was cheeky, with a joy for life & love for his family (especially Mamma Denise). Both a blessing, a team made in heaven, loved by many, you paved the way for us & the many children we have the pleasure to teach. We love you everyday & you are never forgotten xxoo

Nana Denise’s Poem💕

At A Bright Beginning parents will find,
Happiness, love and peace of mind.
This is our pride, our emblem,
As with knowledge we can heal any problem. 

We extend upon the ABC,
By teaching fun ways to count past three.
We strive to pass the hardest test,
By giving our children the very best.

We shall try to please,
To set our parent's mind at ease.
Learning new ideas from another source,
And teach the children manners of course.

With faith and love we always share,
With much to give and more to spare.
We work to play and make time fly,
Like the ants at a picnic hurrying by.

After tiring games they have a rest,
Whilst we work, no lack of zest.
Abba Kindy exhibits the belief,
That teacher's love heals any grief.

We all take pride in what we've done,
Making a home for everyone.
In sickness and in health, we're always here,
Ready to appease any cry or tear.

Friendship they can find with delight,
A smile to bring home into the night.
We're not here to supervise,
But to help and reach a compromise.

CHILDREN, we feel privileged to care for You,
Hoping to make your Dreams come true.
Childhood must be a precious time,
Full of laughter, learning and rhyme.

by Denise